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Loyalty Program Report Generation and Data Tracking

Reporting & Data Management

Easily utilize powerful data reports to track customer trends. You will be able to access our online reporting network to obtain all the information you need about your customers. Gathering data is an integral piece of all loyalty programs, and One Loyalty Network makes it easy.

You can rest assured that all reports are password protected on our online network, which is available to you at any time of the day or night.

All reports are available for export in HTML format or downloadable as CSV files.

Coupon Tracking

With One Loyalty Network, you can track your ROI (Return on Investment) or your MRR (Marketing Response Rate) of all coupons or ads you use to bring in new customers. You will have the ability to track exactly how many customers used your coupons in order to determine if it will be worthwhile to run more coupons in the future.

Track Your Competitor's Printed Coupons

If you accept your competitor’s coupons, you can easily track those and the amount of business that has come through the door as a result. And, you can even track your business’s ROI from your competitor’s printing costs as well!

Deal of the Day Voucher Redemption

If you decide to run a daily deal on a separate site such as Groupon™, or Living Social™, you will be able to import those vouchers into the One Loyalty Network platform for real-time voucher redemption and online reporting. This is made possible because One Loyalty Network is integrated with Daily Deal Pros, Inc. So, you benefit by gaining the marketing reports that these other daily deal companies themselves don’t provide.

Clerk-Level Tracking

Track any actions clerks make within the OLN platform.

Actual Customer Spend Tracking

Knowing exactly how much your customers have spent is a vital statistic in identifying customer spending habits. One Loyalty Network tracks that information for you for easy reporting later.

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