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Employee Features

Advanced Search Customer Look-Up

In the case that your customer has misplaced his/her card, you will be able to search and locate the account within One Loyalty Network. You can search accounts by e-mail address, partial first or last name, partial phone number, zip code, etc.

Also, depending on your barcode scanner, you may be able to scan your customer’s mobile device to locate their account. All they have to do is show you their barcode on the device so you can scan it as if it was a physical card. With this capability, there is almost no need to carry a physical card at all!

Point of Sale (POS) Integration

We know you spent good money for your POS (Point of Sale) system. So with One Loyalty Network, you won’t have to change a thing. One Loyalty Network can exist separately, or you can use our APIs to integrate directly into your POS system. So when you wish to engage with One Loyalty Network, just click the ‘Open OLN’ button, and when you’re through, click the ‘Close OLN’ button. You never have to leave your POS! Whatever your preference, you will be able to use your new loyalty platform with absolutely no configuration changes to your POS.

In addition, our proprietary browser console will not access any other site, ensuring your employees do not stray from their work.

Optional Memos on Each Transaction

Add an optional note or memo to each transaction.

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