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Subscription Benefits - Loyalty & Rewards Core Benefits

1. Access to the One Loyalty Network Online Portal

Our online portal is the heart of our loyalty software. The online portal has everything you need to set-up and manage your very own loyalty programs. All the features listed on the Features page are included with access to the online portal.

2. Merchant Listing on Website

A listing on our website will enroll you in our network of merchants. Customers in your area can search our merchant database to find business that participate in our network.

3. Basic Merchant Listing on OLN Mobile Community App

Included with your subscription is a basic listing in our Mobile Community App database. Customers using the app can perform searches to find OLN merchants in their area. A Basic Listing includes publication of your business name, address, phone number, and website. A dynamic listing, which allows complete personalization of your entry in our database, is also available.
For information about upgrading to a dynamic listing, please contact us.

4. Dynamic Merchant Listing on OLN Community App

We've created a proprietary content management system that gives you the ability to publish any content you want, from photos to videos to menu/product list. You will also have the ability to publish specific deals and notifications directly to your customers who have signed up for your loyalty program.

In addition to being able to customize your listing on our Community App database, we will create a moble version of your personal website so customers searching on their phones will be able to view it.

This optional benefit is available for a small monthly fee.

5. Geographical Targeting

Our system allows publication of notifications to customers located within a certain distance based on customers' current location.

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