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Loyalty Programs Features

7 Types of Loyalty Programs

We offer seven different types of loyalty programs. You can choose from any or all of these programs:

  • Traditional Points Program (Including "double days")
  • Number of Actions/Events Program
  • Number of Visits Program
  • Buy X, Get Y Program
  • Stored Value/Gift Cards
  • Cash Back Program
  • Fundraising Card Program

To read more information about our loyalty programs, please visit our Loyalty Programs page.

Set Up Unlimited Loyalty Programs

You can create as many of these loyalty programs as you need or want.

Unlimited Offers per Program

You can create as many offers as you want for each of the loyalty programs you have set up.

Centralized Rewards

Your customers' loyalty program rewards, offers, and gift cards can be viewed and accessed all on one website.

Plastic Cards Are Not Necessary

We offer advanced search capability to look up a customer's account if he/she has misplaced his/her loyalty card. In addition, you can also scan your customer's barcode from his/her mobile device, depending on your barcode scanner.

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